PR Bonds

Getting Out of Jail Free:

Sometimes people are released “on their own personal recognizance,” or “P.R.” A defendant released P.R. must simply sign a promise to show up in court. He doesn’t have to post bail. A defendant commonly requests release on his own recognizance at his first court appearance. If the judge denies the request, he then asks for low bail. In general, defendants who are released P.R. have strong ties to a community, making them unlikely to flee. Factors that may convince a judge to grant an P.R. release include the following:•The defendant has family members (most likely parents, a spouse or children) living in the community.

•The defendant has resided in the community for many years.

•The defendant has a job.
•The defendant has little or no past criminal record, or any previous criminal problems were minor and occurred many years earlier.
•The defendant has been charged with previous crimes and has always appeared as required.